What are Enzymes?

Posted by Kimberly on 8/18/2014 to Nutrition & Health

There is a lot of talk in natural health circles about the importance of enzymes. Whether they are used to aid the body in utilizing the vitamins and minerals that we supplement our diets with or just to ease digestion issues, enzymes are being touted as necessary. So what are they? 

Enzymes are empowered protein molecules that regulate most of the human body functions. They are the necessary and essential assistants to execute and speed up chemical reactions. Energy levels, metabolism, lung function, nerve activity, fertility, immune and digestion processes are all affected by the lack of enzymes in our diet. And there lies the problem.  If the majority of your diet is not raw unprocessed foods, then you are more than likely deficient in enzyme and are more prone to illnesses.

So look for vitamins and supplements that include enzymes that will aid your body in getting these nutrients to your cells.

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