Water Purification

Innate Source is always dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products for nutrition and wellness, because your fitness and health is important to us. Our product lines go beyond our trademark all-natural supplements and dietary aids though. We also carry a line of home products designed to protect you from many of the harsh and damaging chemicals and toxins you encounter in your world.

Our Berkey New Millenium shower filter, available with or without the accompanying shower massage head, turns every shower into a soothing and safe spa treatment, by removing the free chlorine, dirt and odors from your water source. Super easy to install, with inexpensive replacement filter cartridges that last a full year, your skin and hair will notice the difference immediately. Just click below to get started, or if you prefer to shop by phone, give us a call, toll-free, at 800-435-8775.
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Berkey Shower Filter & Massage Head- New Millenium
$80.00  $77.90
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Berkey Shower Filter - New Millenium
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Berkey Base  - New Millennium
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Berkey Base with White LED - New Millennium
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