Natural Skin Care for Dogs

Posted by Robyn on 3/1/2014 to Pet Health
Dogs can suffer from a wide range of skin problems, from dandruff to itchy skin to painful rashes and inflammation. They can get eczema and psoriasis and a range of other problems that humans experience also. You can take simple and natural measures to protect your pet’s skin health to prevent these problems before they even start.

Here are a few ways that you can practice natural skin care for your pets:

Brush and Bathe Your Dog Often
Dander, pollen and other debris can build up on your dog’s skin and cause irritation or even allergic reactions. You can keep your dog’s skin clear of these irritations by brushing his hair frequently and bathing him often. If you live in an area with high exposure – such as an area where you get a lot of pollen – or your pet suffers a lot of skin issues, consider brushing every day and bathing at least once a week.

Tend to Your Home and Lawn
You can minimize the risk of exposure to allergens and other irritations by tending to your home and lawn. Vacuum your home frequently to keep it clear of dust and dirt. Mow your grass often to keep it short and prevent pollen from accumulating and bugs from infesting it. Your dog will pick up fewer pests and particles that irritate the skin.

Use Quality Products
Conventionally manufactured shampoos can contain harsh chemicals, fragrances and dyes that can irritate your dog’s skin and cause other issues. By switching to a quality, organic shampoo, you can ensure that you cleanse your dog’s skin without exposing him to any of these irritants.

You don’t have to wait until your dog develops a painful skin issue before you start addressing his skin care. You can practice these simple preventive steps to ensure that common skin problems never develop.

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