Joint Pak, 31 packs - Optimal Health Systems
Joint Pak, 31 packs - Optimal Health Systems

Joint Pak, 31 packs - Optimal Health Systems

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A unique OHS combination 'pak', conveniently packaged for daily use without having to open bottle after bottle of supplements!

The Optimal Joint Pak combines the unique formulations of the Optimal Chronic and Optimal Acute in a convenient one-a-day packet. Optimal Chronic was created based on amazing research which proves beyond question that certain nutrients will actually help repair disks and damaged tissue. Optimal Acute contains the proteolytic enzymes, minerals, herbs and antioxidants shown to have the most profound effect on the acute inflammatory response. Together these formulations help to aid the body in reducing tissue inflammation and repair tissue or disk degeneration.

The Joint Pak combination contains 31 one-a-day packs of 6 capsules for joint health and relief of symptoms:

Optimal Chronic, 4 capsules - A powerful combination of Glucosamine Sulfate, Glucosamine HCL and Chondroitin Sulfate for joint repair, yucca for chronic joint pain (osteoarthritis), MSM (methylsulfonyulmethane), a form of organic nutritional sulfur which aids the body in building flexible healthy cells, manganese for regenerating discs (research by Albion labs) and the OHS exclusive Opti-Blend - a unique blend of enzymes and minerals for optimal nutrient delivery.

Optimal Acute, 2 capsules - Optimal Acute offers a safe and effective alternative to harmful pain killers by utilizing proteolytic enzymes, minerals, herbs, and antioxidants that are proven to have the most profound effect on acute inflammatory responses.

RECOMMENDED USE: Take one packet daily between meals.

SERVINGS SIZE: 1 pack, 31 servings

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