Is that Dirt on your Face?

Posted by Kimberly on 3/19/2015 to Skin Health
Is that Dirt on your Face?

Clay - this cool, maleable, soothing substance has been a part of your life from a young age.  Your first experience was squishing the clump of playdough type substance between your fingers.  Then you experienced it in your elementary art class, as you tried to form a favorite animal.  You even learned about how clay was used in primitive
homebuilding.  So how can this same substance help in your beauty routine?  It's a natural material that women have turned to for many years to treat and prevent many skin maladies.

Specific facial clays such as Kaolin are sourced from weathered rocks from hot and wet tropical climates.  Depending on the minerals found near the clay, you will get variances such as rose, green, yellow or white clays.  Once the clay is harvested and dried, the result is an insoluble powder.  The powder's greatest characteristic is absorption.  

Clay's absorption property is the reason why we use the clay topically to purify, nourish, soothe and heal the skin. Start with adding the clay facial to your beauty routine once a week.  When dry clay is mixed with water to a creamy consistency and applied to the face, you will be improving the circulation of blood to your skin while eliminating wastes and toxins.  Due to the high content of silica, there is also a reduction in sebum production - the reason behind oily skin.  Leave the clay mixture on your face for 20-30 minutes, and then rinse off with cool water.  Then follow by patting the skin dry with a clean towel for the best results.  
There are different clays depending on your skin care needs.  If your skin tends towards oily and leads to blemishes, a green clay that is blended with sea algae is a good choice.  Sensitive skin requires special care, and clays that are pure and not mixed with other minerals are best.  Whatever clay you choose, the key is consistency.  Regularly adding this cleansing treatment will bring your skin to its optimal condition.

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