Depression & Exercise

Posted by Kimberly on 10/17/2014 to Nutrition & Health
Yes, psychotherapy, supplements and medication all have their place in treating depression.  But Exercise?

Here are a few of the Benefits of Exercise!

1.  Endorphins - Working as analgesics or sedatives, endorphins are the bodies ability to provide pain relief.   Many times depression will take a physical toll on the body.   Exercising releases endorphins into the system, and aids the body in providing relief from physical maladies.

2.  Reduces anxiety and depression - It is easier for the body to purge a harmful protein associated with depression, according to a new study in mice. Well conditioned muscles were able to mimic the detoxifying characteristics of organs such as the kidney and liver. (

3. Boosts self-esteem - You feel stronger with each step or stroke.  You start to see improvements in how you look.  And you can never deny that when your clothes feel more comfortable - it makes for a more comfortable day.

4. Improves sleep - Even on a good day, a lack of sleep causes irritability and moodiness.  When battling depression, sleep is essential for the body to regulate the different systems that help to keep hormonal levels even.

Make the commitment to start and maintain an exercise program.  If you don't have one, pick an activity you enjoy (if you don't like running - don't do it!), and commit to 21 days.  Regardless of how you feel, stick with it.  Your well-being is worth it.

Sometimes a mood can hang on more than a couple of weeks.  If that is the case, Betterhelp is an online resource that can assist in finding help near you.

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