Bio-Active Honey - Raw, Wildcrafted, 7.6oz - Sun Potion
Bio-Active Honey - Raw, Wildcrafted, 7.6oz - Sun Potion

Bio-Active Honey - Raw, Wildcrafted, 7.6oz - Sun Potion

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Introducing single origin, wildcrafted Active Honey to fuel a healthier, happier mind and body!  This amazing 40+ AHF active honey is direct from the source, the first time this rare and pure honey has left the shores of Australia.  It's exciting to bring you this limited edition wildcrafted varietal of Active Honey. Raw, unheated and twice as potent as manuka. Active Honey is delicious, nutritional and medicinal.

Enjoy by the spoonful! Add to smoothies, tea, matcha, breakfast and raw treats.  Consume daily to help sore throats, fight off bugs and power up your immune system. Mix with lemon, ginger & warm water for a soothing immunity tonic.  Eating raw Active Honey right before going to sleep may promote the release of melatonin in your brain by creating a small spike in insulin levels. That spike stimulates the release of tryptophan in the brain leading to restorative sleep.

Active Honey is skin food for the face and body! Apply topically to the skin to treat insect bites, dryness, irritation or wounds. Smooth onto the face or mix with your favorite dry/wet face mask. Apply to blemishes for healing.

INGREDIENTS: Single Origin Raw, Wildcrafted honey sustainably harvested from bees in Western Australia.  Contains 40% Active Oxygen by weight.  
Active Honey Factof of 40+ which is exceptionally high for active honey.

SERVING RECOMMENDATION: 1 teaspoon/51 servings.

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