Benefits of Bromelain

Posted by Kimberly on 3/8/2014 to Nutrition & Health


Bromelain is a naturally occurring enzyme found in pineapple juice and the stem of the pineapple! This protein enzyme aids in the the body's metabolic processes by increasing the reaction time between bio-molecules. But bromelain is not just a simple protein enzyme, it is a proteolytic enzyme. What makes proteolytic enzymes different is that they are able to survive the harsh stomach conditions, enter the bloodstream, and travel to tissues throughout the body beyond the stomach all the way to the small intestine.

DIGESTION   Bromelain is widely popular in treating all sorts of digestive issues, as it works to break down large protein chains into individual amino acids. Bromelain supplementation has been shown to relieve stomach pain, upset, and heartburn. Relief of ulcerative colitis and IBS symptoms have also been exhibited, as the bromelain enzyme also reduces inflammation.  But Bromelain goes way beyond just assisting the stomach to break down food for digestion.

REDUCES INFLAMMATION  As the bromelain is able to travel throughout the body in the bloodstream, the ability to affect widespread inflammation goes beyond the digestive tract. Not only has Bromelain shown to reduce inflammation, but it has also been shown to actually stimulate the production of an anti-inflammatory chemical naturally produced in your body! The natural anti-inflammatory benefit means improvement of the symptoms associated with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and general knee pain.

Movement of the bromelain supplement in the bloodstream, means the anti-inflammation properties affects the cardiovascular system. Arterial plaque and clotting both benefit from the clumping and formation of the protein.  If using bromelain powders, dosages should be consumed about an hour before eating, so the bromelain is not activated as a digestive aid.

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