The Importance of Whole Food Supplements

Posted by Kim on 10/9/2023 to Nutrition & Health
The Importance of Whole Food Supplements
The Importance of Whole Food Supplements It can often be difficult to maintain good health in our fast-paced culture. We frequently find ourselves juggling our work, families, and other obligations, leaving little time to make sure our

Rescue Your Gut

Posted by Kathryn K. on 8/8/2019 to Nutrition & Health
Rescue Your Gut

If you haven’t heard how important gut health is, you may be living under a rock. One of the latest trends in health and wellness is the importance of gut health.

Supporting Weight Loss with Whole-Food Supplements

Posted by Melissa C. on 5/8/2019 to Nutrition & Health

It's almost beach season- don't sit this one out.  Let Innate Source support your weight loss with whole-food supplements!


Posted by on 11/8/2017 to Nutrition & Health
How do you know if Digestive Enzymes are right for you?

New Look for Emerald Labs!

Posted by on 10/4/2017 to Nutrition & Health
Emerald Labs has a new look!

How to Repair your Adrenals

Posted by on 5/15/2015 to Nutrition & Health
How to Repair your Adrenals

Benefits of Water Filters

Posted by Nina on 4/17/2015 to Nutrition & Health
There are several benefits to using water filters that affect your health and well-being.

Is that Dirt on your Face?

Posted by Kimberly on 3/19/2015 to Skin Health
Clay's absorption property is the reason why we use the clay topically to purify, nourish, soothe and heal the skin.

Juice Fasting

Posted by Kimberly on 1/13/2015 to Nutrition & Health
Juice Fasting There as many types of fasts as there are reasons for fasting out there. I challenge you to just type the word FAST into a search engine, and see how many different links come up!

Depression & Exercise

Posted by Kimberly on 10/17/2014 to Nutrition & Health
Yes, psychotherapy, supplements, and medication all have their place in treating depression.  But Exercise?

Stamina for the Immune Sytem

Posted by Kimberly on 9/13/2014 to Nutrition & Health
While many supplements will support and strengthen your immune system - no one ingredient or combination of ingredients is going to offer a bubble of protection.

What are Enzymes?

Posted by Kimberly on 8/18/2014 to Nutrition & Health
What are Enzymes?

How do I know if a cleanse program is right for me?

Posted by Kimberly on 6/25/2014 to Nutrition & Health
How to know if you should begin a cleanse program?

Spirulina for Natural Allergy Relief

Posted by Kimberly on 4/15/2014 to Nutrition & Health
A daily dose of Spirulina eases Allergy Symptoms!

21-Day Health Challenge

Posted by Kimberly on 3/24/2014 to Nutrition & Health
21-Day Health Challenge - Small Changes for Big Benefits!

Benefits of Bromelain

Posted by Kimberly on 3/8/2014 to Nutrition & Health
Find out how Bromelain can support your health!

Natural Skin Care for Dogs

Posted by Robyn on 3/1/2014 to Pet Health
Easy and preventative ideas on how to take care of your dog's skin.

Why pick a "Whole Food" vitamin?

Posted by Kimberly on 2/19/2014 to Nutrition & Health
Whole food vitamins and supplements are a lower dosage, just as if you were eating a healthy diet.  This way your body is able to absorb and utilize the nutrients that are being provided. So really you cannot compare whole foods supplements to synthetic supplements.

A Beginner's Guide to Antioxidants

Posted by Kimberly on 2/8/2014 to Nutrition & Health
Antioxidants protect the cells in our body from damage that is caused by free radicals. These unstable molecules can come from many different sources like cigarette smoke and air pollutants. Some examples of antioxidants are lycopene, selenium, beta carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These antioxidants are naturally found in many grains, fruits and vegetables. However, if your body doesn't naturally receive the recommended daily dose of antioxidants, taking an antioxidant supplement or a multivitamin is recommended.

Should You Go “No Poo”?

Posted by Kimberly on 1/3/2014 to Skin Health
Many shampoos and conditioners have harsh chemical ingredients that can strip your hair of its natural oils. It can leave hair dry, brittle and dull. Some people have shunned these effects and pledged to return to a more natural system of caring for their hair. This system is known as “no poo,” and those who embrace it do not use shampoo or conditioner to clean their hair.

Natural Digestive Aids

Posted by Carlos on 12/27/2013 to Nutrition & Health
Your digestive health is critical to your overall health. Good digestive health can lead to good reproductive health, good energy levels, restful sleep and even stable moods. When you are suffering from digestive complaints like diarrhea, constipation, gas or bloating, you can take an over-the-counter aid, or you can try some natural methods to get relief.

Treating Chronic Joint Pain

Posted by Carlos on 12/27/2013
The human body is a complex machine, with more moving parts than the finest Swiss timepiece. Occasionally, those moving parts, specifically our joints, can get sore or inflamed, causing us a significant amount of pain and discomfort. This happens for a myriad of reasons. Overexertion, aging, and medical conditions like arthritis can cause our knees, elbows, shoulders, hips and al of our other joints to ache. Fortunately, modern medicine has found a number of chemicals, both natural and synthetic, that can ease that pain or even alleviate it entirely.

Pet Care for Certain Issues

Posted by Kimberly on 11/22/2013 to Pet Health
When it comes to your pet, they are not only a huge investment, but a vital part of your family. It is important to remember that your pet has some of the same physical issues that you have, and they need treatment of their own.

Going Green With Skin Care

Posted by Kimberley on 11/22/2013 to Skin Health
Many products on the market today are full of chemicals that add fragrance or texture. What many users do not realize is how harmful these products are for your skin. Thankfully you can turn to natural skin care and hair care product providers to find chemical-free items. If you want to treat yourself to proper health care supplements as well as skin care and hair care products, you should consider Innate Source. These products all pass rigid standards for quality assurance and control so that you are given nothing but the best. This company has been in business since 1999 and every year since then they have offered natural products for health supplements as well as body care and skin care products.

Essential Skin Care Tips

Posted by Kimberley on 11/19/2013 to Skin Health
It is a never-ending quest for many people to find the perfect formula that results in healthy skin. While there are many elaborate potions and techniques that some abide by for the best skin care, it is easy to achieve great results by using these simple tips as your skin care foundation.

Natural Solutions for Acne-prone Skin

Posted by Kimberley on 11/15/2013 to Skin Health
Acne is a demoralizing skin condition that can negatively impact your self-esteem and confidence. Fortunately, there are many natural solutions that you can use to reduce irritation and kill the bacteria that causes acne. These products destroy acne-causing bacteria at its source, so that hair follicles on your skin do not clog.