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The Wellness Travel Pak™ - ROAM Products

ROAM Travel Pak in black, red, and camoflauge is a convenient way to store and travel with all of your medications, supplements and vitamins. With room to carry up to two weeks worth of your regimen, you no longer have to bring unnecessary and bunglesome bottles.

The a two compartment slider zip bag is what sets this Travel Pak apart from what you find at your local store. With this option you can separate out what you need to take at different times. Or perhaps your regime requires you to take the pills on different days, with the Travel Pak you can tailor the storage to your needs.

Whether you are simply going to work, out of town for the weekend or on an extended vacation, The Wellness Travel Pak™ organizes your vitamins and medication and makes taking the correct dosage easy.

The effective design eliminates the frustration of carrying bulky vitamin bottles and trying to fit your vitamins/medication into pill boxes that ultimately are too small.

Maximizes the full intended benefit of your vitamins/medication by helping to ensure correct dosage at the right time.

Advantages of The Wellness Travel Pak™:

  • Allows you to perfectly organize your daily consumption for a 2 week period or longer.

  • Easy to Pack: Compact design fits nicely into your briefcase, purse, travel bag or backpack

  • Attractive: Different fabric colors and designs available

  • Two-Compartment slider zip bag can hold several pills of various size. Compartments could be used as AM / PM or for day 1 day 2 pill combinations, or simply hold multiple smaller sized pills.

  • The larger slider zip bag can be used in the same way, and allows you to hold many more vitamin/supplement/medication pills of any size.

  • Ensures contents stay put and is easy to open for convenient loading and unloading

  • Customizable for personalized labeling, and see-through for verification of vitamins/medication taken

  • Dispenses multiple vitamins/medication in seconds

  • Easy To Fill and fit your daily regiment

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