Extreme Repair Serum Dry Skin Organic, 3.4oz - Herbal Choice Mari

Extreme Repair Serum Dry Skin Organic, 3.4oz - Herbal Choice Mari

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Now certified Organic by the USDA under the National Organic Program.

As we grow older, our skin cells become less effective at maintaining and healing themselves, and free radicals in the environment slowly take their toll. The damage is cumulative and visible in the form of wrinkles, fine lines, spots, patchy redness and sagging skin. 

  • Promote cellular renewal and repair

  • Smooth away fine lines and wrinkles

  • Provide intensive hydration without oiliness

  • Improve the skin's natural moisture retention

  • Soothe patches of redness, flakiness and irritation

  • Protect against free radicals with nutritious antioxidants

  • Empower your delicate skin to return to the beauty and health of youth

Do you Want to Look Healthier and Younger?  This anti-aging serum and skin moisturizer provides a powerful solution to an age-old problem. By utilizing a potent combination of nutritious, all-natural vitamins rich in antioxidants, organic restorative phytonutrients, and an efficient delivery system that penetrates deep into skin tissue, the anti-aging serum re-activates the skin's own repair mechanisms to undo damage inflicted by age, the sun, the environment and artificial chemicals in other skincare products.

You can return to firm, fresh-looking skin with a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Conduct your own experiment.

Herbal Choice Mari: Don't distress your skin further with synthetic and chemical ingredients. Herbal Choice Mari offers a 100% all-natural product to rejuvenate and refresh your precious skin.

How The Anti-Aging Serum Works: Even skin cells need proper nutrition. The light, non-greasy and all-natural ingredients nourish skin to undo existing cell damage and protect against future exposure. The anti-aging serum's delivery system ensures that the active vitamins penetrate into the skin's deepest layers easily and quickly. There, they nurture skin cells and prompt collagen production to firm, smooth and lift skin.

DIRECTIONS:  An anti-aging serum is designed to be used during your routine facial care process, after applying toner but before you'd normally use moisturizer. Because this product provides intensive hydration without exacerbating naturally oil skin, you can substitute it for your daily moisturizer.  Apply one to two drops to clean skin and smooth gently over the face and neck areas. Give the anti-aging serum a few minutes to penetrate before applying any other products, such as makeup or sunscreen.

INGREDIENTS:  Organic olive oil, organic argan oil, organic jojoba oil, organic rose hip oil, organic hemp oil, organic primrose oil, organic calendula oil, organic turmeric root, organic bilberry leaf, organic green tea, organic shiitake mushroom, organic witch hazel, organic horse chestnut, organic lavender oil, organic geranium oil, and organic tea tree oil. Packed in bio-energy bottle, reuse or recycle.

All Natural, Vegetarian, Vegan, Chemical Free, SLS Free, Detergent Free, Surfactant Free, Cruelty Free (never tested on animals). Organic or Wild Harvested Ingredients. Made in the USA.

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